IV Russian Film Week in Malaysia
Films of IV Russian Film Week

Place of movie screenings:
TGV Suria KLCC Hall 8
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  • Dear colleagues, thank you very much for the excellent organization of the Russian Cinema Week in Singapore. You have provided a unique opportunity to immerse into the atmosphere of Russian cinema and get an unforgettable experience !!! Bravo.
    Iuliia Dolgunova
  • We are so happy to be invited for so great event. We had a great opportunity to be involved in Russian movie culture and were very impressed. Please have the same event next year.
    Vivian Low
  • Thank you so much again for the invitation to the opening of the Russian Film Festival yesterday. I really enjoyed “ Son of a Rich”. It was a good comedy film but I felt some melancholy.
    I wish you a great success of the festival.
    Toru Furugori
  • I totally enjoyed it! Entered the hall with popcorns n Russian sweets nicely provided at each seats - they were yummy!! The premier was great, everyone was very excited! The movie was very funny - better than expected actually! I enjoyed it a lot!! Hope to see more of it again! Again thanks for the free tickets!! It was an amazing night
    Clover Chong
Place of movie screenings:
TGV Suria KLCC Hall 8