Production year: 2017
Age: 6+
Duration: 140 min.
Genre: thriller, biography, history
Director: Dmitry Kiselev
Film script: Yury Korotkov, Sergey Kaluzhanov, Irina Pivovarova
Producer: Timur Bekmambetov, Evgeny Mironov, Sergey Ageyev
Operator: Vladimir Bashta
Production designer: Angelina Terekhova, Vladimir Kuptsov
Plot: 1960s. The two superpowers are battling for supremacy in the space race. While the USSR is ahead, a man's spacewalk is on the line. Two weeks before the launch, the test ship explodes. There is no time to identify the causes. An experienced military pilot and his partner, unexperienced and hot, dreaming of a heroic deed - two people who are ready to step into the unknown. But no one could even imagine what they would face in flight. In this mission, everything that could go wrong went wrong.
  • Russia-Singapore Business Council
    Russia-Singapore Business Council organizes screenings of Russian films that promote a positive image of Russia abroad and enhance mutual understanding, respect and trust between peoples. Every year, the Russia-Singapore Business Council organises the Russian Film Week. This year, the main event of the fall will be held in November in Singapore.
  • Representative Office of Rossotrudnichestvo in the Republic of Singapore
    Russian House in Singapore conducts cultural and educational activities aimed at developing spiritual, moral and patriotic education of the younger generation living abroad, based on the cultural heritage of Russia, using remote telecommunication technologies.
Film will be shown here on 16 June, 2023