Singapore digest news (29 January - 02 February)

Marina Bay Sands gets approval to build 587-room fourth tower

There will be 587 new hotel suites. A 15,000-seat concert hall. Earlier there was a plan to build a 1,000-room tower. Now changes have been made. Including there will be a rooftop complex like the existing hotel - swimming pool, restaurants, observation deck. Construction is scheduled to be completed by 8 April 2028.
YTL PowerSeraya to build new 600W hydrogen-ready turbine by 2027

The upcoming hydrogen-ready combined cycle gas turbine will have a 600MW capacity and can power about 864,000 four-room flats for a year. It will be an extension to the existing Pulau Seraya Power Station on Jurong Island, and will cost an estimated $800 million to build.
Expected to be commissioned by end-2027, it will initially have the capacity to use up to 30 per cent hydrogen and 70 per cent fossil fuels for electricity generation. It can also be retrofitted to be fully powered by hydrogen in the future.
Wildlife photography at its best on display at Science Centre Singapore

The prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is organised annually by London’s Natural History Museum. The competition draws entries depicting the astounding diversity of the natural world, taken by people of all ages and experience levels. Participating entries and the winning photos for 2023 are on display at the Science Centre Singapore until October 2024. Entry to the exhibition is free with admission tickets to the centre
China advances digital technology integration in education
As the new wave of scientific, technological and industrial advancements accelerates, digital technology is becoming increasingly crucial in shaping the future of educational development. In line with this evolution, the 2024 World Digital Education Conference (WDEC) in Shanghai unveiled the Global Digital Education Development Index (GDEI), a measure of digital education development globally.
The conference also unveiled the "Report on China Smart Education 2023," which emphasizes smart education as an advanced stage of digital education. Reflecting China's specific developmental needs, the report identifies four key stages in China's smart education progress: resource sharing, data-driven methods, AI integration, and the reshaping of the educational ecosystem.
New Chinese style' sweeps the fashion world
Clothes featuring traditional Chinese elements combined with modern designs have seen a surge in popularity among younger Chinese people, especially during the run-up to Chinese New Year. With its harmonious blend of urban and casual style, exquisite detailing and traditional charm, the "new Chinese style" of clothing, suitable for all occasions, has successfully met modern aesthetic demands and developed into a fashion trend among the younger generations in recent years.
Dragon-themed artworks on show in Shanghai for Chinese New Year
Chinese dragon, deeply rooted in Chinese civilization as cultural icons, has left an indelible mark on history, literature, art, folklore, and everyday life. To welcome the Year of the Dragon, a show titled "10,000 Dragons Art Exhibition" is now underway at the Xiao Hui Wang Art Museum in Shanghai.