Everything is fine

Year 2021
Genre comedy
Age 12+
Duration 96 min.
Production companies: Film company Revoluzzia Film
Produced by Artyom Vitkin, Grigoriy Granovskiy, Aleksandr Nikolaev, Mikhail Dvorkovich
Directed by Elena Hazanova
Operated by Fedor Struchev
Starring: Egor Koreshkov, Mike Malton, Olga Lerman, Polina Gukhman, Andrey Ilin

A day before the New Year's Eve, little Gocha escapes the hospital where he lives because of his sickness and finds himself in the center of Moscow. He's almost hit by the car of Valery, a delivery guy. Together they will cross the festive city, meet strangers and their lives will never be the same again.