Eleven silent men

Year 2022
Running time 121 min.
Age 12+
Genre drama
Production company: With Pimanov & Partners
Produced by Alexey Pimanov, Dmitry Savinsky, Svetlana Bezgan
Directed by Alexey Pimanov
Written by Oleg Presnyakov, Vladimir Presnyakov
Cinematography by Maksim Shinkorenko
Starring: Makar Zaporozhsky, Pavel Trubiner, Roman Kurtsyn, Andrey Chernyshov, Evgeniya Lapova, Alyona Kolomina, Dmitry Belotzerkovsky

November 1945. Dynamo Moscow fly to London to play a series of matches against previously unbeaten British teams, including Chelsea and Arsenal. A charming English reporter decides to create a sensation by falling in love with the Russians' best player, and chooses the prettiest "victim" among the Soviet athletes. The local unscrupulous bookmakers are going to make money on the tour that will bring hundreds of thousands of spectators... But the English have dubbed our footballers "eleven silent men" and they will bring many surprises.
Based on true events, an incredible story, full of romance, good humour, spy adventures and football passion. Not only did our players not lose a single match, but won the hearts of the English public, completely turning their view of the Russian man and the Soviet country upside down. Dynamo became a symbol of the new world, which was being born on the ruins of the Second World War.