From Grief to Joy

Year 2020
Genre melodrama
Age 12+
Duration 94 min.
Production company: Production Centre of Fedor Dobronravov
Produced by Ekaterina Sarycheva, Fedor Dobronravov
Directed by Eduar Parri
Written by Aleksey Borodachev, Ekaterina Sarycheva
Camera operator: Maria Solovyova
Starring: Fedor Dobronravov, Inga Oboldina, Irina Pegova, Ivan Dobronravov, Viktor Dobronravov

«From sadness to joy» is the story of the friendly Trifonov family, several generations of which work at the local helicopter plant. The head of the family, Volodya, is a top worker, winner of amateur art competitions and simply a kind man with a sense of humour. One day shocking news comes into the family - the younger son Pashka falls in love with a woman from a paint shop, a mother with many children much older than him. The potential daughter-in-law, of course, does not suit the boy's parents.